Kingwood family making signs in hopes of sending message

HOUSTON – Gathered around the dinner table, the Arrant family is hard at work piecing together a poster for a purpose.

“I want people to see that people like me can support black Americans," said Courtney Arrant, whose family is making signs.

Now prominently displayed in their front yard, a sign reading “Black Lives Matter."

The family saying they were moved to make it after the recent death of George Floyd.

“In my opinion, clearly excessive force was used because he died. You know,” Arrant said.

Similar signs have also popped up across the Kingwood community that others have made calling for justice for George.

“Wish that everyone could understand that it’s not black against white. To me it’s about stopping excessive force with officers,” Arrant said.

The family says they have no plans of taking down their sign anytime soon and hope it sends a strong message to others.

“You’re making a statement and you’re putting your foot down and I feel like that’s what I want people to understand,” said Arrant.

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