Man hides in freezer during outlaw motorcycle group gunfight that kills one, deputies say

HOUSTON – Deputies are investigating after a man was killed during a shootout outside of a sports bar in north Harris County Wednesday morning.

Deputies said the incident happened at around midnight at Stadium Sports Bar in the 1200 block of Spring Cypress. Matthew Todd was inside the bar when gunfire erupted in the parking lot.

“It sounded like a firework show outside. At first, I didn’t think it was a gunshot until they didn’t stop and then I ducked for cover, and then I jumped over the bar and then it just really started going crazy out there, so then I went and hid inside the freezer," Todd said.

Patrol units arrived at the scene and found a deceased Hispanic man with at least one gunshot wound inside the bar, deputies said. Investigators said a shootout occurred in the parking lot outside of a nightclub.

“With the amount of shell casings, we do believe that there was more than one shooter,” said Harris County Investigator Dennis Wolfford.

The victim appeared to be shot outside and stumbled inside the bar, where he collapsed and died.

Deputies said two other men arrived at local hospitals with gunshot wounds near the time of the incident. One of the men was treated and released and the other man was rushed into surgery and is in critical condition.

Investigators said a shootout occurred in the parking lot of the bar between two outlaw motorcycle gangs. Eighty to 100 bullets were fired during the incident.

Investigators said they used all of their evidence markers and there were numerous shell casing at the scene.

Anyone with information on this shooting is urged to contact Harris County Sheriff’s Office and Crime Stoppers. The investigation is ongoing.