Moody Gardens preparing to reopen Memorial Day weekend

Moody Gardens is opening after being closed for 10 weeks.

GALVESTON, Texas – Moody Gardens says attractions will open Saturday, May 23, for Memorial Day weekend.

The Moody Gardens Hotel opens Friday, May 22, and the golf course will also be available for visitors.

“We’ve been spending this time while we’ve been closed putting together a comprehensive health and safety program to make sure our employees and guests who come to visit are all having the right protocols in place so that they can just have a great time, we know everyone’s been waiting for that,” Marketing Director Jerri Hamachek told KPRC 2.

Hamachek said Moody Gardens has developed something called the “pyramid promise.”

“What that is, is that we’re offering an experience that will be clean, safe, and fun. To put it real simple that’s what we promise,” Hamachek said. “There’s a lot of complicated things going on behind the scenes, but we know that guests come to visit and those things are the things that are most on their mind, but we do want everyone to know that we do take this very seriously and we’ve got it covered.”

Hamachek said Moody Gardens will have signage all around the property to practice social distancing.

“We’re going to have some floor graphics to kind of help guide with that and also when people are in line. We do feel like people are getting used to this at this point,” Hamachek said. “We have plenty reminders that’ll be around to be mindful of social distancing and kind of guidelines of where that will be and take the steps of cleaning your hands and being safe and taking all of those steps are important and while we’re aware we just want to have that info out there to remind everybody.”

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