TXDOT employees discuss COVID-19 safety precautions

HOUSTON – The Texas Department of Transportation is taking steps to maintain employee safety when meeting about closures or project updates.

According to Danny Perez with TXDOT, their field crews are using masks while on construction sites and radios to communicate when in close proximity.

The proper safety protocol is also in place for when discussing project updates and closures.

“...for instance, we would typically have what we call, partnering meetings .... now they’re doing that through teleconferencing," said Perez.

KPRC’s Anavid Reyes also spoke with a TXDOT employee who is doing her part to keep her community safe.

Lori Sowing works for TXDOT in Dallas, but on the side, serves as her neighborhood’s tailor.

She told me she felt the need to step up and do her part in this pandemic. Since March, Sowing’s made over 1,000 face masks. In fact, some of those masks have made it to Houston hospitals all the way from Dallas to help our front line warriors.

Since the nationwide shortage of masks has occurred, just trying to find 100% cotton fabric has become quite a challenge for her, according to Adam Hammons with TXDOT media relations. Sowing’s been resourceful in finding things like bedsheets, scrubs, but is still having trouble finding material.

Sowing plans to plans on making masks into the fall as kids go back to school.

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