Will local entertainment venues reopen for concerts?

HOUSTON – The concert and event industry as a whole maneuvering through a lot of challenges during this time. White Oak Music Hall had furloughed many of its staff members during the pandemic.

Venue owners are now in the process of building out a comprehensive safety plan to they can open up their doors.

They’ve been looking to Event Safety Alliance, a group of event planners and medical professionals for guidance and from local authorities. Venues are considering the following: Opening at 25% capacity, enforcing social distancing using floor markers, barricades and providing hand sanitizers at different spots inside the musical hall.

They also want to make sure that high touch areas are deeply cleaned and sanitized. Employees will also be screened to make sure they are healthy. They’re also looking at unique ways that they can host events while respecting safety guidelines.

Right now, they are just taking it one day at a time.

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