Tough time for college grads looking for jobs during pandemic

HOUSTON – More people have gone back to work over the last few weeks with a growing number of businesses reopening.

But the reality is, millions of Americans remain out of work, with the unemployment rate nearing 15%. It’s tough enough searching for a job if you have plenty of work experience, but what about new college graduates who are just entering the job market?

College graduates said looking for a job during this time has been really hard for them. They said they have adapted to the online classes and virtual internships pretty quickly. Although many have not found a job, they are making sure they are ready when that job offer comes through.

“It has been difficult for a lot of people but there are still jobs out there,” said Layne Browning, a graduate of the University of Houston.

“It’s definitely been hard it’s been an adjustment for sure,” said Sage Moubarake, a graduate of Sam Houston State University.

Moubarake graduated with a degree in mass communications and says she has been emailing contacts, searching online and directly contacting recruiters for a job. And so far, nothing yet.

“I’ve just been getting creative figuring out little things I can do while looking for a job and hopefully something will pop up. But I’m not worried about finding a job I know it will be okay,” Moubarake said.

Layne Browning will graduate with a bachelors in Human Resource Management in August. Browning said she is working on her second virtual internship while living at home while taking some online classes. She still has not landed her first job but she is confident she will be able to work online.

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