Sterling Municipal Library creates ‘Hope Tree’ to encourage positivity during the coronavirus crisis

BAYTOWN, Texas – The Sterling Municipal Library has added a new addition outside its front door. A beautifully decorated tree dubbed the “Hope Tree” by library staff. Adorned with colorful netting and laminated paper leaves, this tree is unlike any other. Officials said it’s a way to come together to offer community members an opportunity to share hope and inspirational messages during these difficult times.

"As bright and beautiful as this is, we knew we just needed this," Sabrina Martin, a library spokesperson, said.

The Hope Tree was created to get the community’s attention and focus the conversation on positivity and hope for the future.

“Everything’s been really difficult — whether you’re an essential worker or if you’ve been laid off,” Martin said. “You come out and you write words of hope and encouragement.”

A small sign with directions is posted on a bench outside the tree. Visitors are encouraged to take a paper leaf and crayon to write a message to pin on the colorful netting on the tree. They want people to leave personal messages to help inspire others.

“This is our way of bringing the community together while remaining physically distant. We hope that this project will empower our community and encourage us all to stay strong in these trying times,” says Jamie Eustace, Director of Sterling Municipal Library.