Fort Bend County Animal Services concerned about possible surge in new arrivals at shelter as services resume

HOUSTON – The director of Fort Bend County Animal Services is concerned about a possible surge in new arrivals at the shelter as services resume and people get back to business.

How did we get here?

Except for emergencies and certain situations, the shelter was not accepting new animals for about seven weeks because of the coronavirus, said director Rene Vasquez. People were asked to hold onto stray dogs and cats if they could, and were even given supplies like pet food to help.

How many animals are we talking?

The director said roughly 70 entered the shelter in the past week. Many are strays. However, the shelter is not currently at capacity, Vasquez said.

What is the shelter doing now?

Animal services now require an appointment for people to drop off an animal. The goal is to control the population entering the shelter.

How can people help?

Animal services is actively processing adoptions. Vasquez said most fees are currently waived. You can also foster a pet as well.