Bestsellers of COVID-19: Items we’re buying up in record numbers during the pandemic

HOUSTON – Retail sales over the last few weeks show a glimpse of how we're spending our time and money during the pandemic. The run on some products has prices soaring.

Bestsellers of COVID-19

Family game night has gone retro. On Amazon, We found Jenga, Connect Four and Uno on the sites bestseller’s list.

Inflatables are huge

Number six on that same list is an inflatable water toy for kids. The price of these products has more than doubled because the demand is so great.

Case in point: Darcie Willeford purchased this Banzai inflatable water park for $442 on Amazon a few weeks ago. She saID with the hours of respite it has given her while her kids play in it, it has been worth every penny.

The price of this product jumped from $442 ro $874 in just a few weeks.
The price of this product jumped from $442 ro $874 in just a few weeks. (Amazon)

The same inflatable on Amazon now is $874. We found it on Kohls.com for $374 on sale, but by the time this story went to edit, it sold out.


While demand for gas is down... Pedal power is where it's at.

Just take a look at this empty bike section at the Walmart at Wayside and 45.

Sales have skyrocketed at Houston Cycling Centres, with locations in southwest Houston and off 290 and Jones Road.

“Anything and everything we can get, we are selling out the door,” said owner James McCowen.

“Especially ladies bicycles. Ladies have taken over the world, and anything and everything ladies related is selling. Child cradles, kid seats.”

If you’re looking for a new bike, look online before you head to a store.

Both Academy and Walmart sell these 26-inch Huffy women’s bikes. There’s only a 99 cent difference in price, but both stores show they are out of stock.

McCowen says this is when shopping small can help.

“Working with a shop, giving them your phone number and finding an employee that will work with you,” he explained.

Home workout and office equipment

Other items that are big sellers right now:

  • Office chairs
  • Ring Lights
  • Yoga Mats