Baylor’s Dr. Peter Hotez: ‘I can’t ever think of a virus that’s been quite like this’

Houston vaccine expert says vaccine is year away

Dr. Peter Hotez is an M.D. and a Ph.D. whose sole professional focus has been developing vaccines against diseases of the world. He is a guest on this week’s Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall and says COVID-19 is one of the more perplexing diseases he has encountered. One of the biggest reasons is because of the way people who have COVID-19 may not have any symptoms.

“This is what makes it so hard to control.," he said. "All those people, maybe even up to half, have no symptoms at all and they’re walking around and the virus is replicating in their upper airways so every time they’re speaking, they’re shedding virus. Then a lot of people get infected, so this is highly transmissible and I can’t ever think of a virus that’s been quite like this.

In this weeks’ Houston Newsmakers EXTRA Dr. Hotez tackles several questions:

*Why the United States has 4% of the world population but more than 30% of COVID-19 cases.

*How a possible vaccine for COVID-19 may have gotten its start more than ten years ago.

*How partisan politics is nothing new in the world of finding solutions to epidemics.


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