METROLift launches new program to deliver free groceries to people with disabilities

HOUSTON – METROLift provides services to people with disabilities as well as the elderly. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, they are going the extra mile and adding a new service to their list.

The Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities put out a survey to determine the need for grocery deliveries in the Houston community. The office found there were a lot of disabled individuals who couldn't get to a grocery store because they didn't have access to transportation.

With the help of the city and partnerships with Sam's Club and Walmart, those residents can receive food delivered straight to their door for free.

"I can't just hop in a car and go to a food bank, I have to rely on somebody else," said Jose Marquez. "Sometimes, they might be busy, or they don't want to expose themselves."

Marquez lives in north Houston with his wife, Ana. They are both blind, so getting to a grocery store is far from easy.

Art Jackson of METRO said he is proud to be part of this effort.

"That's what we are doing. We are finding ways to help our neighbors," Jackson said.

Marquez said this a good move by the city to look out for disabled people.

"It has really helped us out because we don't have to expose ourselves that much by going to the grocery store," he said. "When we do go to the grocery store, we have to request assistance from an employee. Because of social distancing, stores are no longer offering that."

METRO said social distancing and safety protocols are also kept mind by operators and volunteers. They leave boxes outside on porches and always wear face masks and gloves.

METROLift is also conducting its regular services, in addition to grocery delivery services.

If you need these services, call the Mayor’s Office for Peoples with Disabilities at 832-394-0814 or fill out a form on their website.

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