Restaurants and florists staying busy ahead of Mother’s Day weekend

Mother’s day is one of the busiest days for the restaurant industry.

Chef Anthonie Dekker, who is the owner of Anthonie’s Market Grill in Simonton, is expecting to get busy this weekend. Dekker said customers made over 650 reservations for this weekend.

“Everybody shows up, everybody wants to make mom happy,” he said.

But opening post-COVID-19 is going to be different. Anthonie’s Market Grill will be implementing several new safety measures.

The restaurant is limiting the dine-in capacity and requiring guests to use hand sanitizer before entering, Dekker said. There will also be no bar seating allowed, and tables inside and outside will be placed at a distance. All employees will wear masks while the waiting area will be stationed outside.

“We give everybody an hour and a half experience and after ask people to leave,” Dekker said.

Over at Fulshear Floral design, the phones are ringing off the hook ahead of Mother’s day weekend.

While owner Ace Berry said his business took a dip in April due to the coronavirus. He is expecting a surpass of orders this year.

“People still can’t travel, and they want their loved ones to have something special,” Berry said.