After weeks of trying, Houston man files for unemployment within an hour after help from state rep

HOUSTON – Stephen Evans is spending a lot of time at home lately. He has been out of work for nearly two months and has spent most of the time battling for unemployment benefits from the Texas Workforce Commission.

But it has been difficult.

Like thousands of other Texans, he said he spent weeks trying to get his application accepted and approved. Finally, out of sheer desperation, he contacted his state representative Ed Thompson (R) Brazoria County.

He was amazed at what happened when he asked for help contacting the TWC.

"When I called Mr. Thompson's office, they told me they would take my name and number and send that to the TWC and that someone would call me in just a couple days. That was on a Thursday, and by Saturday, I received a call from the TWC. They actually took my entire application right over the phone. It took about 40 minutes. And then, about five days later, I got my check," Evans said.

That check was for seven weeks of unemployment benefits, and everything that Evans had coming to him.

And Evans is not the only one.

State Representative Ed Thompson told KPRC 2 Investigates that his office is doing the same thing for everyone in his district that calls for this kind of help.

"It's just something we felt we had to do for all of these people who are really suffering through this crisis economically. We felt we had to do something." Thompson said.

As for Evans, he plans to vote for Thompson whenever he is up for re-election.

“Yes, he has my vote,” Evans said.

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