Dan Patrick says economy can be fully reopened in ‘not too distant future’


Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Wednesday afternoon held a tele-press conference to discuss the findings from his task force he established in early April on “recommendations for re-starting the economy” once businesses start reopening. Dallas businessman Brint Ryan, the chair of the task force, was also on the call. A few highlights:

  • Patrick: “We strongly believe that the Texas economy can be safely and effectively reopened and restored to 100% in the not too distant future.” When asked by a reporter an exact date for when that could happen, Patrick said “the real answer to that question is unknown” and that it depends on “our data.”
  • Ryan said “personal responsibility and accountability” is going to be “crucial” in reopening the economy. “We know that screening and hygiene and those types of things begin at home,” he said.
  • On Shelley Luther, the Dallas-area hair salon owner who received a seven-day jail sentence for defying orders to close, Patrick offered to pay the $7,000 levied on her by the city of Dallas. “I’m sure someone will let me know if Shelley up there in Dallas has her $7,000 or not yet, and whatever it is we’ll make up the difference or pay it if she doesn’t have any money for that fine,” he said.