Harris County small businesses struggle to get loans from county’s $10M program, federal program

HOUSTON – Small businesses in Harris County are still struggling to find loans to help keep afloat during the coronavirus pandemic.

Loans available for small business owners include federal loans and some specifically for those in Harris County.

Last week, Greisy Perekalski, owner of The Empanada Factory, told KPRC 2 she had tried to apply for a federal PPP loan but hadn’t heard back. Monday, Perekalski said she had received $2,000 from the SBA Treasury Department. However, while she has received help from federal funds, Perekalski says she is yet to see help from Harris County.

Christopher Vasquez, owner of Azul Seafood Tapas, said he couldn’t even log on to the county’s system to try and apply for help.

“It’s very frustrating that we are still trying to get these loans and even looked at or even responded,” he said.

The Storyhive owner Jenna Moreno says she did get a response from the county and a 0% interest loan of $25,000.

“Now that we have this Harris County loan, we’re going to be able to make it probably through the end of the summer,” Moreno said.

County Commissioner Adrian Garcia says $300,000 of the $10 million program is going out this week.

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