Family recalls moments deputy, DPS trooper rescued them from burning home in Pearland

PEARLAND, Texas – Heroes are made in defining moments and Tuesday was one of them.

“Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe it,” said Lisa Heintz.

Overnight, her house caught fire. She and her son charged out the back door, but she did not see her husband, who was already in the front yard, so she went back inside to get him.

“I was really afraid, so I ran back in the house and by the time I ran back everything was filled with smoke and I could not run back out,” said Heintz.

A thick screen covered a window and the hallways burst into flames and she was trapped. However, a DPS trooper and a Brazoria County Deputy quickly arrived at the scene.

“And he ran over and he used a knife to slit open the screen and I came out with my doggie,” said Heintz.

Then the pair of first responders searched for more people and pets inside the home because Heintz thought her husband was still inside the home.

“They didn’t have the protective gear, so they were pretty brave,” said Heintz.

Both first responders inhaled a lot of smoke during their search and were taken to the hospital. The trooper was released, but the deputy is still receiving treatment.

“They were amazing, and I just hope he is going to be okay, I mean I am praying for him… They were just amazing, and I don’t even know how to thank them really,” said Heintz.

Authorities believe the fire originated in the garage, but they’re still working to determine what caused it.

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