Several Texas universities plan to open for fall semester and some plan to start sports

HOUSTON – After weeks of uncertainty, several Texas universities announced their plans to open campuses this fall.

Chancellor of the University of Texas system, J.B Milliken, said things will be different moving forward.

“The question isn’t whether or not we would open in the fall, it’s how we will open in the fall,” Milliken said.

However, Milliken said the fate of playing sports will be left up to the NCAA to decide for the fall.

But Texas A&M University says it’s ready to play ball this fall, in addition to announcing it will reopen 11 of its university campuses. The university released a statement saying in part that the university will be "testing and contact tracing and involving our health science center personnel to ensure the welfare of our students, faculty and staff.”

Rice University wouldn’t say if they will open this fall but a Rice University spokesperson said they are “cautiously optimistic.”

Richard Ludwick, president of the University of St. Thomas, said they will implement several safety measures as they open the doors this fall and utilizing large spaces for learning, in addition to their large classrooms.

“Gyms, parking garages, an area where we might have an outdoor space with a tent-like covering on top of it and have it so that the airflow is intentional, so that it helps prevent a spread of any kind of virus that might be there,” Ludwick said.

Ludwick said they also plan to keep some of their virtual learning.

“Because of the economic downturn because of the virus, we want to make sure that students that are working don’t have to give up their time in pursuing degrees,” Ludwick said.