Thousands tour The University of Houston campus virtually preparing to select a college

HOUSTON – With college visits canceled due to the coronavirus, The University of Houston is now offering virtual tours for future students to explore the campus.

“We’ve created a series of different daily campus visits and special events,” said Dr. Mardell Maxwell, the executive director of admissions.

Maxwell said nearly 13,000 people have visited the virtual tours in the last month. However, he knows a computer cannot entirely replace the experience of seeing a school in person.

“But I think what we have is pretty darn good considering the limitations,” Maxwell said.

The virtual tours launched earlier this year and can include a real student or staffer as an online guide. Visitors can also take a self-guided virtual tour.

“It’s always different experiencing stuff in person, so I wish I did see the college and be able to physically see it,” said Veronica Kavanaugh, a high school junior who took one of the tours.

The virtual switch has impacted high school juniors who are starting

their college searches the most since many seniors have already applied for the fall semester, Maxwell said.

The university plans to continue offering virtual tours, even after the pandemic, because they provide a cost-effective way for potential students to see the campus.