The Woodlands community spreads kindness through fun rock game

Photo shared by Elizabeth Dippon Merrill‎.
Photo shared by Elizabeth Dippon Merrill‎. (The Woodlands "Rocks!")

HOUSTON – The Woodlands community has found a creative way to spread some kindness around the city.

A Facebook group named The Woodlands “Rocks!”, created by two residents, has started a game of hide-and-seek featuring painted rocks.

To join in on the fun, all you have to do is paint a rock, hide it and see how far it travels when the people who find shared it on the Facebook group. The admins say the furthest a rock has traveled is Florida.

Due to COVID-19, those who find the rocks are encouraged to leave them in their place for now.

The group, which was created several years ago, has seemed to gain lots of attention as people are cooped up at home.

Check out some of the cool rocks that have been made:

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