Woman stuck in home after massive tree falls on her fence right in front of home

HOUSTON – Roaring winds and rain pummeled down in Greater Houston, but these neighbors in southeast Houston can’t help but feel lucky. A massive tree fell on top of a woman’s fence, trapping her at her home for hours.

"I feel very fortunate that my house is okay and that the lady's house is okay," Louis Dean said.

That’s because Louis Dean’s neighbor, who lives near E. 31st St and Avernus Street, is dealing with a massive tree, which fell right at her front door. Nature’s wrath destroyed Lyna Le’s fence, gate and front yard. For hours, she couldn’t get out.

"I heard different kinds of noises... thunderstorm, lightning. It scared me, but I tried to calm myself,” Le said.

But when she went to look, what she saw scared her even more.

"I looked up and looked through the window and door and saw this tree falling over," Le said.

The tree missed her home but took out her front yard.

"The fence the gate...we'll have to see," Le said.

However, she said luckily no one was hurt. Her neighbor, Louis Dean, who owns a tree maintenance company said she'll likely be stuck for hours.

"As you can see, over there where the part is, it's pretty much old and rotten. So when the wind came, it just over powered it," Dean said.

Dean said his neighbor is lucky, considering just how large the tree was.

"They're very fortunate. They're very fortunate. I believe God was with them," Dean said.

Center Pointe, Houston police and crews were out aiming to clear the tree.