Houston ER nurse recovers from coronavirus, while husband is still fighting for his life

HOUSTON – The Mangers never imagined they would be diagnosed with the coronavirus. Kellie Manger, a nurse at the Texas Medical Center, said she recovered quickly.

David Manger, who contracted the virus before Kellie by a day or two, has been fighting for his life in a Houston hospital for more than three weeks.

“It just started with a cough and I only had a few low-grade fevers,” Kellie Manger said. “I had some fatigue, some body aches, and that’s basically it.”

David Manger had a bad fever and eventually struggled to breathe. He was hospitalized on April 6 and diagnosed with COVID-19 and pneumonia.

“For a month I’ve been waiting for the day that he’s coming home and that I’m going to see him again,” Kellie Manger said, nearly in tears.

The couple has four grandchildren. Kellie Manger is still in isolation and communicates only by FaceTime.

“My friends, and my family, their prayers, and their support, their text messages, their phone calls, it’s the only thing that’s got me through this,” she said.

David Manger’s condition is no longer worsening. At this rate, Kellie Manger said he may be able to come home by the end of the week.

“People just need to be vigilant, they need to wear masks, they need to wash their hands, they need to take this seriously,” she said.

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