City increases testing efforts in underserved communities

HOUSTON – The fight against COVID-19 in the Houston area has focused on increasing testing sites, especially in underserved communities where testing has been slim.

The Kashmere Gardens mobile testing site opened Tuesday morning. It’ll run through Saturday and other locations will follow. Community leaders say they can’t come soon enough.

“It’s not surprising at all. I think if we had a million mobile units over here they would operate at capacity daily,” said pastor Montari Morrison, of New Faith Baptist Church North East.

He said fears the Houston area isn’t out of the loop because not enough people have been tested, especially in communities of color.

“We’re nowhere close to a resolve or a stage of coming back to life as normal. We’re nowhere close to that in my estimates,” Morrison said.

He said he is pushing for more testing sites before Houston fully reopens for business.

City health leaders said its a good point and that residents have to be cautious because more data is needed.

“So as we move forward, we need to make sure we are moving forward, not backward because my fear is if we move backward, end up in a situation like New York,” said Dr. Perssse, leader of the Houston Health Department.