Katy ISD reopens outdoor facilities to public to align with governor’s state plan

KATY, Texas – Katy Independent School District announces that its outdoor sports facilities are now back open to the public to align with Gov. Greg Abbott’s plan to reopen the state.

Many folks spent the day coming out to Seven Lakes Junior High School to walk, run, bike and play.

They told KPRC 2 they are glad the facilities are back open and that it gives them hope.

“I’m out here today because I need to get a workout in and I have a lot of free time,” said Syd Harris, who was running on the track.

Like Harris and many others across the Houston area, a lot of free time is what they have had for several weeks now. They say getting outdoors and hitting the track for a good run was one way to pass the time. But for several weeks, Katy ISD’s outdoor sports facilities were not an option.

The track, basketball courts, tennis courts and bleachers were all closed down to keep people away from one another and help keep coronavirus cases down.

But on Monday, Katy ISD sent out an email to parents and students that read the following: “In alignment with the governor reopening parks, Katy ISD has reopened district-owned outdoor facilities.... Visitors are asked to remain mindful of social distancing practices”

“I think for me it gives me more time to practice by myself and work on my craft. That way no one’s around me and when coronavirus goes away, I can play with my friends again,” said Garrett Hughes, who was outside playing basketball.

“I think it’s a great gesture. I think it’s a good way something to look forward to something positive. It’s a symbol for hope I guess if this is opening up then things will hopefully get back to normal soon,” Harris said.

Katy ISD officials made it clear that competition fields are not open to the public but that the playgrounds, basketball, tennis courts and track are.

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