WATCH: Family’s awesome sushi train is the best way to have sushi during lockdown


PORT MACQUARIE, Australia – One of the things that people have missed the most while in lockdown is being able to go out to eat. A family in Australia has figured out an innovative and fun way to bring the restaurant experience to the table.

Jack Begbie lives in Port Macquarie, Australia with his family. The entrée on the menu for dinner was sushi from a local restaurant. However, instead of just a normal dinner, his family decided to bring the experience of a sushi conveyor belt restaurant home.

According to Storyful, Begbie’s family spent 90 minutes setting up a toy train around the dinner table and testing to see if it could balance the sushi on top.

After working out the kinks, Begbie shared a post to twitter showing the food train in action.

“We attempted an at-home sushi train,” Begbie wrote. “Loading the carriages proved to be quite challenging.”

Begbie told Storyful that his family loves the whole thing.

“It was great to support a small business in Port Macquarie that’s pivoted quickly to offer their delightful sushi via takeaway.”

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