SUPPORT LOCAL: How you can help this dance studio whose founder has been teaching in the Greater Houston area for over 15 years

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HOUSTONSupport Local spotlights individual businesses challenged by the coronavirus pandemic and offers ways you can support them. We asked Houston businesses to share their story with us including how the public can help them. Here, we include their stories and how Houston residents can continue to support them during this time. Fill out this form to have your business included.

How did the business start?

Owner Nancy Devereaux has been teaching dance in the Greater Houston area for over 15 years. The business started when Devereaux began teaching at a preschool in La Porte.

What services does Let’s Dance and More offer?

Let’s Dance and More teaches fun, family-approved dancing including ballet, tap, creative dance and worship dance to kids ages 2 and up. The instructors travel to public schools, preschools and private schools.

“Success for us is simple,” Devereaux wrote to KPRC. “Love our students, stay focused and teach family-approved dance.”

The studio also sells dance products and offers other dance services.

How can you support this business during the coronavirus pandemic?

“We need your help,” Devereaux wrote. “We are scheduling online classes with our students and would like to purchase equipment and support teachers financially as much as we can.”

Devereaux said they are scheduled to have a big dance recital in May and could use financial support.

You can help this business by donating to support its online classes or by purchasing tickets for its upcoming recital.

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