Liberty Dayton Regional Medical Center asking for PPE donations

Small healthcare facility shares concern over lack of resources from State

HOUSTON – Rural healthcare systems are growing concerned that a coronavirus surge is around the corner.

At Liberty Dayton Regional Medical Center, the staff said the duty to protect its patients is creating an unavoidable worry. The hospital, located northeast of Houston, is asking for donations of personal protection equipment.

"Things such as masks and gowns and face shields," said Liberty Dayton CEO Matt Thornton. "The same things that all the other healthcare facilities are having a hard time getting."

Thorton said he is thinking of his medical team.

"Our frontline staff is a little bit antsy, anxious and nervous," he said.

Liberty Dayton said they have enough PPE to last about a week. They said they don't want to wait for a potential surge to find out that they cannot adequately protect their team.

"There is potential that we could run out before we get our supply chain reinstated," Thornton said.

With a potential surge, they plan to be pro-active within reason.