SUPPORT LOCAL: For these occupational pediatric therapists, ‘seeing the gleam in a child’s face after overcoming a challenge’ is a manifestation of success


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How did the business start?

Co-founders Emma Wilking and Diana Dang are pediatric occupational therapists and were previously colleagues for a few years before deciding they wanted to bring something special to the pediatric therapy community in Houston.

Time and time again they found that there was a missing link between health professionals, parents, caregivers, teachers and the children themselves and wanted to fill that void by creating an environment where integrative and individualized care was prioritized.

Their approach with children is based on the developmental, individual differences, relationship-based (DIR®) Floortime™ model. The intervention model involves developing trusting relationships in a playful, respectful and joyful manner to promote development in all areas.

“We value addressing social-emotional skills which are foundational to mental and physical functioning in our social world,” they wrote to KPRC. “Our therapists take the time to understand what a child loves, which enables therapy to become a more meaningful and motivating experience for a child, creating lasting effects. We are unique in our approach as we combine our knowledge and practice of DIR®/Floortime™ with a wide variety of specialized training and continuing education experience. Additionally, our therapists use a highly collaborative approach amongst ourselves and any other members of a child’s team.”

For them, success is quite simple. Seeing the gleam in a child’s face after overcoming a challenge, hearing a parent’s sigh of relief, facilitating children’s problem solving and enabling independence are all manifestations of success.

What services does Foundations Pediatric Therapy offer?

Foundations Pediatric Therapy serves pediatric clients and their families who are seeking occupational and speech therapy services. They treat a variety of diagnoses including autism spectrum disorders, sensory processing disorders, ADHD/ADD, developmental delay, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, anxiety and others. “We fully believe each child is more than a diagnosis,” they wrote. “Through building meaningful relationships, we support social-emotional development and daily life by collaborating with the child, their family, educators and other health professionals.”

Where is Foundations Pediatric Therapy located?

Foundations Pediatric Therapy is located at 3312 Marquart Street.

How can you support this business during the coronavirus pandemic?

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