Family hopeful their loved one will recover from COVID-19

HOUSTON – Melanie Singleton said her mother Beatrice was one of the nearly 30 people recently diagnosed with coronavirus at the Park Manor of Quail Valley nursing center. The 73-years-old woman has underlying health issues.

"Things that we hear on the daily basis, what I've read about, normally people with health conditions, you know they deteriorate fast," Singleton said.

Beatrice was admitted to Memorial Herman Sugar Land. After a few days, the mother of five is starting to improve.

“The diagnosis right now, from what they’re saying is, she looks like she will recover,” Singleton said.

She said her mom is responding well to the medicines, but still needs oxygen.

"She's our mom," Singleton said. "We know who she is. We had like to put a name to other people that are out there that are going through this."

While she’s now out of the woods just yet, the family is hopeful Beatrice is on her way to making a full recovery.

Singleton said her mother is more than a statistic of someone diagnosed with COVID-19.

“We all have to have hope, and we cannot give up. We need to have determination. You know that’s my mom, she’s always been a fighter, and she still continues to fight,” she said.

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