This sign recognizing healthcare workers in Tomball will inspire you

Thank you sign
Thank you sign (KPRC)

73 year-old Sandra Marlow decided to recently drive around her Houston neighborhood looking for a chance to get out of her home during the “stay home” order.

While driving, Marlow noticed a huge sign planted in front of the Texas Orthopedic and Sports Medicine hospital in Tomball. The sign read “Heroes Work Here."

Marlow decided to share her picture with KPRC 2 to raise awareness on the importance of showing appreciation for healthcare professionals, working around the clock during the Covid19 pandemic.

“It really did touch me, and I wanted people realize the work health care workers are doing so much behind the scenes. They don’t get thanked enough,” Marlow said.

If you spot signs like Marlow’s picture, take a picture and share it with the KPRC team by emailing it to click2houston@kprc.com