SUPPORT LOCAL: How local restaurants can use this photographer’s services to help them capture how they are 'adapting to this crisis’

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HOUSTONSupport Local spotlights individual businesses challenged by the coronavirus pandemic and offers ways you can support them. We asked Houston businesses to share their story with us including how the public can help them. Here, we include their stories and how Houston residents can continue to support them during this time. Fill out this form to have your business included.

What services does Shawn Chippendale Imaging provide?

Shawn Chippendale Imaging provides commercial and editorial photography.

How did the business start?

Shawn Chippendale has over 20 years of restaurant experience and has been a full-time photographer for 3 years now. Chippendale says hard work, sacrifices and commitment to honing his skills have led him to find success. His business provides high-quality content at affordable prices to local and national brands.

What precautions is Shawn Chippendale Imaging using during the coronavirus outbreak?

“I can still conduct my business of photographing content for local businesses while observing all distancing rules,” the owner wrote to KPRC. “My business has received the best compliments to date because I have been able to capture how their business is adapting to this crisis."

How can you support this business during the coronavirus pandemic?

You can help this business by booking them to photograph your goods.

For more information, visit HoustonFoodPhotographer.com, @ShawnChippendale on Instagram or email them at shawn@schippendale.com.

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