Montgomery County judge issues shelter-in-place for retirement living facility after 12 test positive for COVID-19

THE WOODLANDS, Texas – Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough said the county now has 81 cases of coronavirus, and 12 of those cases are at the Conservatory at Alden Bridge Senior Apartment Complex.

Sheriff’s deputies have set up a checkpoint at the entrance of the apartment complex. No one is allowed to enter or leave unless they are essential workers, like medical professionals, caregivers, law enforcement, and food workers.

Judge Keough issued an immediate shelter-in-place order that will last at least two weeks after 12 residents at this senior living apartment complex tested positive for coronavirus.

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The order said residents need to shelter-in-place, and they can do it at the facility or at a different location. If they choose to leave, they must self-isolate at that location until the end of the order. They cannot return to the apartment complex until the order expires on Monday, April 13.

“Lots of people have to self-quarantine. Whenever they go, they have to self-quarantine whoever picks them up will have to quarantine as well. We are so proud of our first responders… we will get through this,” Judge Keough said.

The judge said he can extend that order if necessary.

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