Your coronavirus questions answered: What should you do if your company isn’t open but you owe child support in Texas?

Attorneys will be available April 6 for one-on-one discussions about child support cases. (iStock/junial)

We’ve received questions from Houstonians on concerns with COVID-19 and shared them with Vivian Nriagu, MD, Partner/Owner Memorial Village Emergency Room who is also a longtime physician with experience working in Houston trauma centers and emergency rooms.

She took the time to answer some of your questions:

Why can’t the Astrodome be used to quarantine first responders?

First responders are going to be exposed to Patients with Covid. Exposure does not equate to active infection. The answer is minimizing risk by:

(A) making sure first-responders are properly equipped with personal protected equipment, or PPE.

(B) The public can play a role to keep first responders safe by informing emergency response operators if someone in the home is experiencing flu-like symptoms, such as coughing or fever.

Are beauty shops, hair and nail business still open? I see no rules for their closures.

With the new order to stay home only healthcare operations, critical infrastructure and some retail stores are considered essential businesses that should remain open.

What should you do if you owe child support in the state of Texas but the business that you work for is not open do to COVID-19?

This pandemic is affecting the economic security of most citizens. Some people are either not working or loosing their jobs and concerned about accumulating expenses including jail time for non payment of child support.

While you may not have the ability to pay 100% of your obligation because your income has decreased, an effort to pay something during these times will likely not go unnoticed. Attempt to make a a good faith effort to pay child support

And consider that there are increased expenses associated with taking care of kids this time.

With 90-degree weather ahead of us this week and the recent rains, mosquitoes are inevitable. Can Covid-19 be passed by mosquitoes?

No! It remains to be seen if co-infection with West Nile is possible. Covid-19 is spread by mainly from person to person by close contact or respiratory droplets. It may also be spread from contact with contaminated surfaces.