Fort Bend County could soon open its first drive-thru testing by midweek

HOUSTON – Fort Bend county Judge KP George says it hasn’t been easy getting potential coronavirus patients in his county tested.

“We are not getting enough of what we need,” George said.

He said his county is still waiting on testing kits from the government to be able to launch drive-thru testing sites. In the meantime, residents of Fort Bend County are being directed to regional testing sites like the one in southwest Houston and Katy. George said his county could soon see its first coronavirus testing site by midweek.

“We are looking to launch at least two sites,” George said.

Fort Bend county officials said they’ve identified four possible locations in the county that would be similar in size to the current Houston testing sites.

So far, Fort Bend County has had the second highest number of coronavirus cases and was the first in the state to report a COVID-29 case.

“Half of the population travels overseas and most of these cases are travel related,” George said.