Sienna Plantation children selling art to raise money for Houston Food Bank

Before the guitarist got old, before there were any starry nights, before that girl got a pearl earring and even before memory was persistent - Picasso, Van Gogh, Vermeer and Dali were kids, doodling.

Seven-year-old Dominic Sette, of Sienna, likes to draw, too, and thanks to a stroke of altruism, Sette decided he wanted to sell his works to help raise money for the Houston Food Bank.

“He was drawing by himself and looked up and decided he wanted to help make money to help those in need right now with the Coronavirus,” said Sette’s mother, Lisa. “He had particularly heard about the children not getting lunches because schools are out and wanted to help."

Sette has drawn since he was even smaller, and rounded up old drawings mixed with new ones to sell out in the driveway of the family’s home in Sienna Plantation.

So far, Dominic and his 11-year old brother, John, who doubles as the business manager, have raised more than $500, which the parents have pledged to match.

The Sette family plans to raise the money through Friday afternoon, and the new goal is to hit more than $700 raised.

You can buy paintings in Sienna Plantation or via Lisa Sette on Facebook and donate to the Houston Food Bank directly here: Houston Food Bank.