Ask 2: What fish can’t you eat out of Galveston Bay?

Photo: Facebook/City of Galveston
Photo: Facebook/City of Galveston (Facebook/City of Galveston)

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The original question: Hi Chanel 2, I’m curious if there can be more information awareness about the do not eat any species of fish from Galveston Bay?

The answer: We contacted the Texas Department of State Health Services and a representative told us that the best place to find that information is on their website.

DSHS, the public health agency for the state, is responsible for monitoring and evaluating contaminant levels in fish from Texas waters and issuing health advisories to inform consumers about potential health hazards associated with the consumption of contaminated fish.

Each advisory issued is to remain in effect until rescinded or modified in writing.

Here are the species of fish you can’t eat from Galveston, Brazoria and Chambers county waters, according to Advisory 50, last modified on June 26, 2013:

  • Blue crab
  • All species of catfish
  • Spotted sea-trout

The advisory says that the contaminants of concern are dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls.

See the full advisory below:

To access all fishing advisories, bans, and FAQs about bodies of water, seafood and aquatic life in Texas, click here.

DSHS also provides a guide to health advisories for eating fish caught in Texas waters, click here to access the latest version.

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