Common sense approach is best health advice for fighting coronavirus, Legacy medical director says

What’s the best advice for fighting coronavirus?

The concerns about coronavirus are serious for the clients Legacy Community Health serve, who typically have gaps in their health coverage needs, said Medical Director Dr. Vian Nguyen.

Legacy’s mission is to drive healthy change in the communities where their centers are located. Dr. Nguyen said the best advice they’re giving is common sense.

“Handwashing and social distancing," Dr. Nguyen said. "These are all things that seem common sense but is not common practice so at the very minimum we need to be focused on that. And I think some of the cancellations of group gatherings is important so that we can contain the spread.”

Stocks take nose dive: What should you do?

With the stock market taking a historic dive this past week and rattling investors and pension fund holders across the nation and world, the question now is what to do?

The market unease was because of mixed signals from the top but that is better now, according to Gilbert Garcia, the Managing Partner at Garcia Hamilton & Associates, the largest bond investment firm in Texas.

“I give a lot of great credit to our mayor, our county judge and mayors and governors all across the country who’ve taken decisive leadership action,” Garcia said. “We may not like it, but things like closing schools all these sorts of things to limit the spread of the virus. I think that’s why you see stocks up.”

Richard Rosso, the Director of Financial Planning for RIA Advisors, said a diversified portfolio can make all the difference.

“If you have a proper allocation that’s weathering out the storm very well,” he said. “You can take a deep breath and go wow! What kind of opportunities are opening up here that we didn’t have three weeks ago?”

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Houston energy sector takes a financial hit

With oil prices going down driven by Saudi Arabia’s decision to flood the market, what impact will it have on Houston’s energy sector?

Not a good one, said Fred Zeidman, the chairman of Gordian Group LLC. He said local companies will have to strongly consider layoffs.

“You have no choice,” he said. “Because your revenues are going to be dictated by the price of oil and the amount you can produce so the only way to remain viable and profitable is to cut costs internally.”

Zeidman also discussed why that scenario is most likely and why we U.S. fracking and natural gas production makes us less impacted by the decisions of oil-producing countries like Saudi Arabia.

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