'Do we anticipate more cases? Yes.’: Turner says city is taking cases seriously but don’t let fear take over

HOUSTON – Mayor Sylvester Turner debunked a few coronavirus rumors along with giving comfort to residents in a Friday press conference as fears grow amid COVID-19 concerns in the Houston area.

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Turner provided information on the city’s plans to mitigate and contain the coronavirus, along with other local leaders and health authorities.

About the growing number of cases in the Houston area, Turner said they expect more.

“Do we anticipate more cases? Yes," Turner said. “As we do more testing, we certainly will have more cases.”

He said local religious institutions are encouraged to cancel in-person services to avoid large gatherings and many are providing the option to livestream services instead.

He also gave recommendations to religious places opting to meet in person.

“No. 1, no handshaking, No. 2, no embracing, hugging and 3, social distancing or spacing. So, don’t be right up on one another. Kind of spread out,” Turner said.

He also ensured that Houston water is safe and there is no need to panic and buy seven cases of water. Turner also said this is not a hurricane and there is no need to stalk up on food for several days because stores will have food available to reshelve.

“There is no need to go and bum rush grocery stores, the water is safe,” Turner said. “Can’t even go to the grocery store and find stuff on the shelves.”

He reminded residents that no water will be cut off regardless of the bill not being paid through April 30.

Turner said Houston is not closed but asking for restaurants and small businesses to be responsible. Turner said all traveling outside of the state right now is not a good idea. He suspended international traveling for the city employees and domestic traveling has to be looked over.

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