U.S. Secretary of Transportation announces $22 million infrastructure investment at Port Houston

HOUSTON – Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao announced a significant, state-wide infrastructure grant at Port Houston Tuesday.

The grant will go towards a $55 million project that will contribute to building a wharf and a dock with ship-to-shore cranes that can lift containers on and off of the ships, Roger Guenther, the executive director of Port Houston, said.

Chao said 15 cities in 11 states also received federal grant money, totaling over $200 million.

“This is a very competitive grant,” Chao said. “One out of 10 applications were successful.”

A dark cloud hanging over the celebration was the conversation of the spread of coronavirus, which has impacted the port.

“We do know. There have been six canceled coming from Asia, which includes China, which will impact our March numbers a little bit,” Chao said.

However, Port officials expect 2020 will be another record-setting year for exports.

“So congratulations Texas,” Chao said. “You have a lot to be proud of. Thank you for the important role you contribute to America’s economic success.”

Port officials expect that the $55 million project for another wharf will be completed in two years.

As a whole, Texas received nearly $40 million in grant money. The other port to receive funding was in Corpus Christi.