Community leaders warn neighbors of former Galena Park ISD bus attendant after being accused of touching a student with special needs

HOUSTON – Concerned community members passed out fliers around an east Houston neighborhood of a man accused of inappropriately touching a Galena Park Independent School District student with special needs.

Those community members hoped the fliers would warn the neighbors of the man accused.

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The former Galena Park ISD school bus attendant, Serio Lopez, 67, was charged with a misdemeanor assault after officials say surveillance videos show Lopez allegedly touching a 13-year-old student who has a condition that leaves her verbally and intellectually disabled, according to court documents.

The community members were outraged that Judge David Singer granted Lopez a mere $100 bond when prosecutors asked for $10,000.

“This is not right. This is not right. He should be in jail," said neighbor Cosme Deleon.

“Anyone employed by the school district, a parent would trust that they’re there to protect and look after their child," said Quanell X, a local community leader and activist. "For this man to be employed by the school district and use his position to take advantage of a special needs child and sexually, inappropriately touch that child, and yet he’s out of jail on a $100 bond. There are people in this community in jail for shoplifting on a higher bond.”

KPRC 2 spoke with Lopez a couple of weeks ago and denied the claims.