Only on 2: Road rage victim’s parents share daughter’s harrowing experience

Southwest Freeway – On Sunday, Cheryl Fisher and her husband Borris received a terrifying call from their daughter, Jalisa Fisher, that she had been shot as she was trying to exit highway 59 near Chimney Rock.

“When she was on 59 she was going to exit at Chimney Rock and she was going to put her blinker on to get over, so she got over and then the car came and it was behind her,” Cheryl Fisher said.

Houston police say while Jalisa was heading northbound on 59 attempting to exit the freeway, she cut off another vehicle believed to have been a tinted BMW.

Jalisa’s parents said the driver who was coming from the West Park tollway, got behind her and then next to her.

“Next thing she knows the car got on the side of her, she really wasn't paying the car any attention and then it's like she thought was something was thrown at her car and her leg was burning,” said Fisher.

The bullet went through her car door and into the back of her left leg.

“The pain was so bad because the bullet split the bone in her leg so her leg broke,” said Fisher.

Jalisa then pulled into a nearby Exxon gas station and called police.

She was transported to Memorial Hermann hospital and is being treated for her injuries. Anyone with information should call Houston police.

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