HPD saves 85-year-old man who was robbed and threatened with his own cane, officials say

HOUSTON – A man robbed and threatened an elderly man Monday with his cane after posing as a Good Samaritan.

Houston police officers, who happened to be parked around the corner from the robbery, stepped in to save the man.

Gerald Garcia Jr. was charged with aggravated robbery, according to court documents.

On Pulido’s birthday, he was trying to start his car to pick up his grandson from school when Garcia walked up and offered to help.

“He was talking real nice and everything,” Pulido said.

After helping him start the car, Pulido said Garcia wanted payment.

“Telling me he just got out of prison and had a hard time,” Pulido said about Garcia. “I kinda felt sorry for him, you know.”

But when Pulido gave him $10 from his wallet, Garcia demanded more and threatened to hit him with his cane, Pulido said.

“Please don’t hurt me, I said, ‘I’m an old man, I’m 85-years-old,’” Jose Pulido said he told the robber. “That’s when I got scared.”

Pulido said the wooden cane with a brass duck head had been in the car, but he didn’t notice Garcia grab it.

“I thought to myself, he’s going to hit me for sure," Pulido said.

Two students walking home from a nearby bus stop saw the robbery unfolding and ran to tell officers parked around the corner, Pulido said.

“I never thought [this] would happen to me,” Pulido said. “I’m a little shaky.”

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