Hit-and-run suspect crashes into fire hydrant, climbs out of car window with toddler

HOUSTON – Police are investigating a hit-and-run accident in the Montrose area that ended with the suspect climbing out of the window of his jeep with a toddler and trying to run away.

The Jeep originally slammed into the back of a Nissan at Welch St. and Waugh St. and then sped off, the Nissan driver, Roy Mcallister said.

Mcallister said he followed the Jeep for a mile, weaving in and out of traffic and running stops signs until the Jeep driver slammed into a light pole and fire hydrant at Woodard St. and Marshall St.

“He was driving like a maniac,” Mcallister added. “He was driving like a fool.”

Mcallister was surprised when the driver climbed out of the window with a toddler and started running away, but a neighbor convinced him to stop running and take the child to a hospital.

A Houston police officer said the 2-year-old child was not injured and the driver refused treatment at the hospital.

Houston police did not discuss potential changes for the driver of the Jeep.

Mcallister said he followed the Jeep because his Nissan was paid off and he didn’t have insurance.

“(The driver of the Jeep) had insurance after all,” Mcallister said. “That’s what’s so strange about all of this.”

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