More than 200 tow trucks salute 5-year-old girl in fight against rare medical condition

HOUSTON – More than 200 tow trucks passed by Texas Children’s Hospital Wednesday night to bring a smile to the face of a 5-year-old girl, who is fighting to overcome a rare medical condition.

“She’s our little warrior. She’s our little champion that keeps fighting,” said her mother, Chelsea Clampitt.

Addie Dolson was diagnosed with Aplastic anemia in January 2019, after her mother noticed that her daughter was covered in bruises. After several tests, she was diagnosed, and treatments began shortly after.

“Aplastic anemia is when your bone marrow shuts down...she has no immune system whatsoever,” Clampitt said.

Dolson is set to have a bone marrow transplant Thursday.

“She has never shed a tear, nor has she ever had a frown on her face of defeat or disappointment,” Clampitt said.

Dolson had one request before heading to surgery. Her father and grandfather are tow truck drivers, and she wanted to see some tow trucks before the transplant. Her strength and resilience would inspire many tow truck drivers to show up outside the hospital window.

“She’s going to remember tonight for sure that there’s an entire community that’s cheering her from the sidelines,” Clampitt said.

Dallas Wilson, a tow truck driver who heard of Dolson’s story online, stepped up to help her father make the magical night a success.

“This was one of her wishes, and there was no way that I wasn’t going to try and do everything I could to try to fulfill what she wanted,” Wilson said.

Dolson knows she’s not alone, her mother said.

“It makes me feel really good, and I love the tow trucks!” Dolson said.

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