Woman’s car damaged after tire falls off back of 18-wheeler on Interstate 45

GALVESTON, Texas – A woman said her car was hit by a tire that fell off the back of an 18-wheeler truck while driving on Interstate 45, according to the woman’s father.

The car incident happened Saturday around noon.

Erika Chance was driving northbound on Gulf Freeway to visit one of her speech pathology students in Galveston, said her father Erol Chance. Erika said the tire seemed to belong to an 18-wheeler, fell off the back of an 18-wheeler and struck her car’s windshield.

Erika was not injured in the incident, her father said.

“We pray for God’s protection over our kids daily, and he gets all the Glory on this one,” Erol said. “She suffered no injuries not even a scratch from broken glass! Miracle!”

Galveston County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident.

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