This service lets you donate unwanted items with less hassle; All you need is a box

Houston – Whether you’re trying to clean up for a fresh start to the new year or get a jump start on spring cleaning, there’s a convenient way to easily donate all of the items you no longer need. It’s called the Give Back Box.

Here’s how it works:

  • Take any box you have at home and fill it with items you no longer need or want. This could include houseware, clothes or toys. The box can weigh up to 70 pounds.
  • Go to GiveBackBox.com and type in your zip code. You can then print out a free shipping label for your box. Your box can be sent by UPS, USPS or FedEx. You will need to drop it off at a UPS Store, Fed Ex location, post office or schedule a pick-up.
  • Your donations will be sorted and then delivered to charities across the country that need them. If you request a receipt for your tax-deductible donation, Give Back Box will send you one once your items are handed over to a charity.

There are some restrictions: You can’t ship liquids, chemicals, hazardous materials or heavy electronics.