Texans fans headed to Kansas City get exclusive upgrade after flight is canceled

SPRING, Texas – Always dressed in their best Houston Texans gear, the Traveling Texans give “superfan” a new meaning.

Home or away, Pamela Irby and her husband haven’t missed a Texans game in five years.

She said she was overjoyed at the prospect of seeing the team take on the Chiefs in the playoffs this Sunday in Kansas City. But late Friday morning, Irby said she got a text from her husband that nearly made her heart stop. Their flight had been canceled.

"I didn’t even know what to say. I had no words because we’ve been looking forward to this for so long,” Irby said.

United Airlines said they could rebook their flight for Saturday afternoon, which would get the Irbys to Kansas City before Sunday’s game.

But, there was one big problem.

“Tomorrow at 3 o’clock at Union Station, the Traveling Texans are taking their group photo," Irby said. “I have the luggage with the banner (and) all the giveaways.”

Irby and her husband planned to rent a suburban and drive all night to Kansas City, so they would be there in time for the group photo. She said just as she finished packing when she got a call with some great news.

“United is coming through and bringing in a 747, and they are going to get you guys to Kansas City tonight," Irby said. “I knew one way or another the Irbys were going to be in Kansas City for the game.”

United chartered a separate and bigger plane for the Traveling Texans and its scheduled to leave George Bush Intercontinental Airport at 8 p.m. Friday.

Texans fans are expected to get a special surprise at the gate as well.

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