‘How can you shoot anybody that you don’t know:’ survivor of crime spree that hospitalized postal worker speaks out

Survival story in crime spree
Survival story in crime spree

HOUSTON – A known white supremacist went on a crime spree in Houston.

The suspect, identified as Matthew Wiliams, 24, stole a car, shot a postal worker and tried to shoot another man at a gas station.

The gun misfired in the second shooting, sparing the grandfather of seven, Rudy Pasia. He works as a gas station attendant at Costco on Bunker Hill Road. Williams was arrested this week and faces multiple charges, according to police.

A sign that reads: “Miracles happen every day” is in Pasia’s entryway. The 83-year-old devout Catholic said he is living proof of that.

“Every day, I pray a little to ask for help and God and angels to be with me all the time,” said Pasia.

Pasia said the suspect, who he assumed was a customer, waved him over to the car Saturday.

“I just asked him, what can I do for you, and he (doesn’t) answer anything and just bang,” said Pasia. “I just covered my face and I said, ‘oh lord, I am dying,” and then I see it, just a little bit of blood, I said ‘oh thank god. You saved my life again.’”

Police have since linked Williams, who is a known member of the Aryan Brotherhood, to several crimes, including stealing his ex-girlfriend’s car on Dec. 27. That is the car police said Williams was driving when he went to Costco and tried to shoot Pasia Saturday.

The crime spree started with the shooting of a postal worker Saturday about a mile-and-a-half away from the Costco. Police said Williams shot Adrian Jackson four times while he was delivering mail. He also reportedly got into a hit-and-run in the car earlier that week.

“How can you shoot anybody that you don’t know,” said Pasia. “They (didn’t) do anything wrong to you.”

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