Angleton mom honors those killed by drunk drivers, reminds others not to drink and drive

ANGLETON, Texas – Mindy Red is using the holiday spirit to remind people of the tragedy that can come when driving drunk or distracted.

She’s urging everyone who plans on celebrating the New Year with a drink to have a plan on how to get home.

If you pass by Red’s home, drivers will notice several trees with pictures on it. She calls them “Angel Trees.” Behind each photo, there’s a different story, but ultimately they shared the same ending.

“My goal this year was to not only honor these lives because they did matter, they were here, they were important, but also raise awareness to other people that maybe going out partying this holiday, reminder to plan before you go out, not after you’ve had that drink,” Red said.

Each photo represents someone who died because of a distracted or drunk driver.

“It is a choice, it’s not an accident, it’s a choice to get behind that wheel once you’ve had that drink” Red expressed. “It’s preventable, 100 percent .”

Red’s daughter, Michelle, was killed in 2009 after a drunk driver crashed into the car she was riding in. Her daughter, who was 18, left behind a young son.

She’s begging people to think twice and go ahead and make designated plans on how to get home safely.

“Once you’ve had that drink, your mindset changes you think you’re superman and I want to remind them beforehand, so they don’t either put someone in that position, but also so that they’re not in the position, like, the person who took our daughter’s life was,” Red said. “Because I know what she went through as well, I’ve met with her, I’ve talked with her. I know the journey she went on and I know our journey, so our goal is kind of two fold, to prevent people from we’ve all gone through, but also to show love,” Red said.

“Go out have your fun, go do what you’re going to do, just plan ahead, don’t get behind the wheel, that’s all that we ask.”