Man accused of carjacking family on Christmas has long criminal history, officials say

HOUSTON – The man who is accused of carjacking a family on Christmas night has a lengthy rap sheet, authorities said.

David Landin, the man arrested in connection with the carjacking, had his first scheduled court appearance Friday. Landin did not appear in court due to medical reasons but the charges against him were read out loud.

Houston police said Landin was caught inside an F-150 that was stolen on Christmas night. Police said a family filling up gas at a Shell station near T.C. Jester and North Loop when a suspect approached the truck. The man had gone inside the store to pay and his wife and two daughters, ages 6 and 8, were still inside the truck, police say.

The mother told KPRC 2 Thursday that a man opened her door and put a knife up to her side, demanding she gets out. Once the mother got her daughters out, she complied and the suspect drove away in the truck. The family’s cellphones, left inside the truck, were used to track the vehicle.

Court documents show Landin was inside the stolen truck when police found the F-150. Landin has a long list of other charges from across the Houston area, including being found in a stolen vehicle in 2015 in Sugar Land. His other charges include breaking into a home in Spring Valley, assault in Houston and several drug and theft charges.

The mother involved in the Christmas Day carjacking told KPRC 2 many purses and black trash bags filled with unknown items were found inside the truck when it was recovered.