Homeowner relieved after speeding car narrowly misses his home and his neighbor’s home

HOUSTON – A southwest Houston homeowner is relieved that his home was spared in a crash that destroyed his fence and his shed. Harris County Precinct 7 investigators said the man behind the wheel was evading arrest.

Early Saturday morning just after midnight, James Saddler said he heard a loud bang. This homeowner, who has lived in his residence for years, said this was a situation he never expected he’d ever have to deal with, but he cannot help but feel lucky.

“I just thank the Lord that I’m blessed. I’m blessed, and nothing really hit my house,” Saddler said. “The tree in the backyard is what stopped (the car).”

Investigators said they were in the process of a traffic stop in the 500 block of Heatherbrook when the driver of the red sedan took off. Investigators said the suspect was driving at 100 mph in the southwest Houston neighborhood before he crashed into a tree.

“It sounded like a big blast of ‘BOOM!’” Saddler said.

Saddler, ironically, never saw the crash that took out his back tool shed. However, shortly after it happened, he went to the recorded video from his multiple security cameras and saw what happened. To his shock, he saw a car speeding by the side of his home, narrowly missing it before crashing into the side of his toolshed and then hitting a tree.

The driver was taken into custody and is expected to be charged on counts related to evading arrest, according to investigators.

Meanwhile, Saddler is now dealing with insurance.

“It looks like a thin dime from hitting my house,” Saddler said.

While there is plenty of work left for Saddler to do, he said he is just thankful that no one else was hurt.

“I’m just so happy and thank the Lord for that,” Saddler said. “I can replace (the shed), but I’m so thankful that no one lost their life.”